Bitcoin ATMs Reaches 7000 Milestone Worldwide

At a press conference of CoinATMRadar listed 7,014 Crypto ATMs in existence and over 7000 has grown with machines in 75 countries, including hosting digital currencies other than Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Dash, and Litecoin.

bitcoin ATM coinatmradar

On a launch day $10,000 in BTC transitions. Customer used to trade Bitcoin for cash, in Vancour coffee shop a machine called Robocoin in 2013 world saw first BitCoin ATM machine.

CoinATMRadar showed data only two locations lost RobocoinATMs. In the lead Genesis coin sites with 2,348 machines. 42 different manufacturers are responsible for 7000 Crypto ATMs Globally.

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The World is currently running with Crypto ATMs. New Crypto ATMs installed in the last 7days per day according to CoinATMRadar information.
Bitstop a Bitcoin company joined with U.S. based Simon mall. The operator installed 5 machines in different malls.

In half 2019 Florida’s Miami International Airport received an ATM by Bitstop.

Digital technology and digital assets adoption growing faster with continuous waging presently.
Crypto ATMs surpassed 6000 landmarks in Nov.2019 on Crypto base
Community demand.

Just Today, The Supreme Court of India has made a great decision as The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ban on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading has been removed.

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