Bitcoin (BTC/USD) – Next Movement Update

Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) is in a long downtrend since 2018. Bitcoin drops more than 83% from its all-time high that was $19760 touched on 16 Dec 2017. 

The whole crypto market is hit very badly in 2018 and most of the altcoin drop more than 80% from their all-time high.

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We are updating next move of BTC/USD chart…it seems like Symmetrical Triangle have broken and will continue with Falling Wedge
Movement indicated by arrows (Green arrow) and others can be also possible indicated by the blue arrow… 

TIP: If the market will cross 3660 or nearby that, then try to exit from ALTS… 

Currently, Bitcoin has strong support at $3200 and we hope that Bitcoin holds that price and see a reversal to $3700-$3800. Good news is on the way and we think that the bottom is near.

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