Bitcoin Bullish Move, Cross Key Resistance After 9 months

Bitcoin makes a bullish move for the first time in 9 months Bitcoin (BTC) crossed 100 MA (Moving Average). Bitcoin is trading above the 100 MA with an all-time high 24-hour volume in one year.

The Bitcoin (BTC) 24-hour volume is $10.4 Billion. That is the highest volume in Bitcoin after the massive drop in January 2018. Bitcoin is trading above 150 points of the 100 MA. These are the two bullish signs for Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto market.

Cryptocurrencies and traders believe that the longest crypto bear market (13 months) in the crypto history is over. Maybe we are bottomed out and the market will turn sideways for next couple of months.

Bitcoin can face psychological resistance at around $4000. It’s interesting to watch the levels and how Bitcoin reacts. 

Tim Draper predicates that Bitcoin will rule the world in 5 years. Draper added that his money in banks is less secured as compared to the money stored in Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin is now trading at $3970 (time of publishing). The total market cap is $135 billion. The total 24-hour trading volume is $36 billion.

Bull is Permanent, Only Your Entry Matters.