Tim Draper Predicates Bitcoin Will Rule The World

Tim Draper known as Bitcoin (BTC) bull and Billionaire investor predicates that Bitcoin will rule the world in the next five years. Draper said that in an interview with American financial news channel Fox Business on 18 Feb.

Draper added that everyone can buy a coffee with Bitcoin (BTC) or crypto in the next 3 years. Draper backed his previous statements that fiat currencies become laughable and obsolete in the next 5 years. 

Draper predicates that only the criminals can use cash or fiat currencies because if they use Bitcoin or crypto their history is recorded in the blockchains and are easily traced and busted. 

Draper believes that his money in the bank is less secured as compared to the money in Bitcoin. Banks are always under attack by the hackers while Bitcoin was never hacked in his small history.

Draper believes that this is going to be the biggest change in history and it’s exciting. He believes that the government are forced to use virtual tokens. 

When he is asked about when he sell Bitcoin (BTC), Draper stated that it’s the same as selling gold for shells arguing that there is no sense of going back. 

When asked about how much he invested in Bitcoin and crypto, he replied “A lot”.

Draper predicted in 2014 that Bitcoin will worth more than $10,000 in the next four years. In April 2018 Draper predicts that Bitcoin price touched the milestone of $250,000 by 2022. He further explained that the prices are driven by the public and mass adoption.

Bitcoin has seen good growth in the past two weeks. Yesterday Bitcoin gained more than 7 percent and traded above $3900 as per Coinmarketcap.

Everyone should invest in Bitcoin Before It’s Too Late.