Bitcoin Daily Transactions Breaks 15 Months High


The longest bear market (15 Months) in Bitcoin history does not slow down the pace of adoption and usage of Bitcoin (BTC). The new analysis shows that Bitcoin daily transactions break an all-time high of 15 months.

Bitcoin usage and daily transactions rise contrary to the price drop. Bitcoin price is dumped very hard after the famous bull run of December 2017.

The latest data from show that the daily confirmed transactions are near to 400,000. This is the highest number of activities on Bitcoin Network after the massive drop of January 2018.

confirmed transactions

Segregated Witness (SegWit) cover almost 50 percent of the total transactions on the Bitcoin network. SegWit transactions are increasing consistently since the activation in mid-2017.

SegWit payments are fully anonymous and non-trackable. The fee per transactions is also very low. The fee is at a record high back in December 2017.

Bitcoin block size is now increased to 2 MB. Large block size will able to hold more number of transactions per block. Now the Bitcoin network conduct more transaction daily and this will increase the adoption.

The Lightning Network is growing faster every day and will be the main ingredient of the next Bitcoin bull run. Lightning Network is the second layer protocol developed on the original Blockchain of any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin. It works off the chain means Original Blockchain do not aware about the transaction happened on Lightning Network.

The Lightning Network of Bitcoin gained the capacity of more than 1,000 BTC in just one year.

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The Change is Coming, Ready for It.