Bithumb Exchange Hacked, 3 Million EOS Stolen


South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb hacked again and approx 3 million EOS has been stolen from their Hot wallets reported on 29 March 2019.

This is the second time for Bithumb to saw a MAJOR hacking attack as last time it was hacked with a loss over $30 million.

Huobi, HitBTC, WB, EXmo, etc are the major exchanges where all the stolen EOS coins were transferred.

IT was reported that the hacker’s address still holds 1.9Million $EOS on these exchanges in the ratio – EXMO: 662,600, Huobi: 263,605, Changelly 143,511, KuCoin: 96,270, CoinSwitch: 38,725 .

Stolen EOS Transfers
Stolen EOS Transfers

According to the report, Hacker account ifguz3chmamg was created via accountcreat.
Then Bithumb hot wallet g4ydomrxhege has been transferred out 3,132,672 EOS to the hacker’s account with 16 transactions in total.

Check the Bithumb announcement on the hack here but they will provide more details later about the hack.

Not only EOS but XRP coins also stolen from the Bithumb exchange.

According to report, approximately 20,000,000 XRP coins was stolen from the Bithumb wallets.

The XRP hacked wallet adderss is claimed as rLaHMvsPnPbiNQSjAgY8Tf8953jxQo4vnu, you can check the transactions on the public ledger.

Nowadays exchange hacking becomes a major threat in the crypto space.
Storing crypto on exchanges is very risky for investors.

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