Bitcoin Lightning Network gains capacity of more than 1,000 BTC in one year


The Lightning Network of Bitcoin gained the capacity of more than 1,000 BTC in just one year reported by

Bitcoin Lightning Network beta was launched on 15 March 2018 and network nodes and network capacity increasing continuously throughout the 1 year journey on Lightning Network.

Bitcoin lightning network capacity

Today Bitcoin Lightning network has support from World famous people like Blockchain expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos , Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey , Tesla and SpaceX investor Bill Lee , BitTorrent owner Justin Sun .

According to Lightning network monitoring website, the Bitcoin Lightning Network capacity is 1,065.75 BTC ( $4,286,565.99 ) by gaining 53% in just last 30 days.

In Lightning Network of Bitcoin, the number of nodes increased by 17% (7436) and number of channels increased by 44% (39287) in last 30 days.

To aware the people about bitcoin lightning network #LNTrustChain event is started on Twitter where many popular people participate to support the fast adoption of lightning network.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also support this event and also announced to support lightning on Twitter by using where users can get tips in bitcoin on twitter.

Lightning ( Blockchain second layer protocol) is the perfect solution for Bitcoin scalability problem. Lightning network transaction are instant with negligible transaction fee and can handle millions of transactions per second.

Bitcoin Lightning Network is still in development phase and may take some more years for full beta development. Currently Lightning network is in the Testnet-3.

If you wanted to use Bitcoin Lightning Network then you have to setup your own Bitcoin Lightning node. You can also use third party wallets supporting lightning transaction like Eclair wallet.

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