Bitcoin Lightning Summit in El Salvador, host in November

A summit will be organised in El Salvador about the Bitcoin lightning network shop work. Summit will be a non profitable part of the event. 

The government authority of El Salvador planned for the Bitcoin lighting summit. This summit will last for three days. Right now the place where this summit will be organised is San Salvador and El Zonte from November 16 to 18, 202.

On the first two days of the summit, they will discuss the Bitcoin Lightning 101 workshop, a Tech/developer track (research/tech, for developers), and an Economic Track to implement the Bitcoin use.

And on the third day of the summit, attendees will get the opportunity to meet the locals of El Zonte, who made Bitcoin beach. 

El Zonte is currently attracting all the countries’ authorities to look in El Salvador, where El Zonte made a location of beach fully bitcoin friendly. 

This summit of bitcoin lightning discussion will be organised by Galoy.

The participants of this summit will be the Spokesperson of The Human Rights Foundations’ Chief Strategy Officer Alex Gladstein, podcaster and incoming managing director of Swan Bitcoin International Stephan Livera, and the advisor to the President of Colombia Jehudi Castro Sierra. 

Jehudi Castro Sierra is a senior advisor to the president of Colombia and recently passed his statement on bitcoin and shows how much he is bullish on bitcoin and bitcoin adoption. 

It is believed that this event of El Salvador’s government will be perfect place for those Salvadorians, who want to know about Bitcoin & perfect way to use it. 

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