Hackers hijack Russian Government Website, prompts Ponzi bitcoin scheme


Few hackers hijacked a Russian website and started to promote giving free Bitcoins to every user.

When it comes to Bitcoin and crypto, most people see it as a strange & unique way to make money without any hard work. Even people will do small online tasks to make money for free crypto assets, so usually hackers try to catch the victim through attractive offers to make money with very small efforts. 

According to a report of the local Russian news outlet Izvestia, a few hackers, which are not identified yet, hacked the Russian official government website. And they started to promote Ponzi Bitcoin free giveaway promotion. 

Through the promotion, Hackers claimed that they will give 0.025 BTC to every person who will install a particular application in their system. And also they wrote on the shameless promotion that they will give a reward to 5 random users $1000 worth of Bitcoins. As we can see in the screenshot shared here 

It seems that Russia is also facing huge crypto related illicit activities . On one side the Russian government wants to make Russia adopt crypto but on the other side hackers want to pull the government authorities to not to go with crypto with such shameless activities. 

Hackers hijack Russian Government Website, prompts Ponzi bitcoin scheme 1
Source: Chainalysis

According to the Chainalysis, Russia is in the top 10 which faces crypto related illicit activities. 

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