Bitfinex Repaid $100 Million to Tether (USDT)


Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex repaid $100 Million to Tether ( operator of stablecoin USDT) announced in an official blog post on 2 July.

According to the blog post, Bitfinex made the repayment via wire transfer to Tether’s Bank account. The exchange made the decision to pay the loan payment in Q2 2019. The post further added:

“Also on July 1st, Bitfinex fully prepaid all interest accrued under the loan facility to Tether up to the end of day on June 30, 2019, also in fiat.”

Bitfinex never revealed the loss to investors and executives and used Tether funds to cover a loss of $850 million. Bitfinex reveals the loss after the court notice and funds were frozen by Court orders.

Recently, Bitfinex conducts an IEO for the exchange token and raised $1 Billion USD. Bitfinex token LEO (UNUS SED LEO) is currently at 13 ranks on coinmarketcap and have a market of $1.7 Billion.

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