Bittrex Announce New ICO (Ocean Protocol) on 30 April

Bittrex announces it’s second IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) that will happen on 30 April. The token sale of Ocean Protocol (Ocean) will take place on Tuesday 30 April as announced by a tweet. Users must need KYC verification to participate in the IEO.

Ocean Protocol is a decentralised data exchange protocol that uses Artifical Intelligence (AI). Ocean Protocol allows data sharing between data providers and consumers. That provides traceability, transparency and trust among the stakeholders. It provides control over their data without being stuck.

Ocean Protocol brings together the data sharing framework, decentralised blockchain technology and related services.

The minimum buying limit is $10 or 83.33 OCEAN. The maximum buying limit per users is 41,666.67 OCEAN ($5000). The price of each OCEAN token is $0.12 (BTC price will be set before 24 hours). The initial circulation supply is 16 percent approx.

Ocean Protocol Sale Details

  • Token Sale Start Time  April 30th at 16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST
  • Token Sale End Time  Hardcap reached or at the set time of May 3
  • Bittrex Sale Supply 56,400,000 OCEAN
  • Total Token Supply  1,410,000,000 OCEAN
  • Initial Circulating 353,107,000 OCEAN
  • Token Sale Price ~$0.12 USD (BTC Price yet to announce)
  •  Maximum Purchase ~$5,000 USD Minimum
  • Minimum Purchase  ~$10 USD
  • Currencies accepted  Bitcoin (BTC) Only
  • Token Type  ERC-20
  • Token Listing Within 48 hours after IEO sale ends

Users looking to buy more than the maximum limit can use the Bittrex International OTC Trading Desk. The minimum amount to buy on the OTC platform is $100,000. The availability of OCEAN tokens on OTC desk is subjected to market conditions.

The first IEO of Bittrex was VeriBlock (VBK). The VBK sale was successful and the tokens sold in just 2 seconds. The ICO price of VBK was $0.10. VeriBlock is now trading at $0.07 that is less than the IEO price. The other exchanges IEO is now trading above 2 times of IEO price. Huobi latest IEO is now trading 7 times above the IEO price.

Disclaimer: Bitcoinik will not make price forecasts or responsible for any profit/loss in investments. Bitcoinik will not provide any trading or financial advice. This post is for educational purpose, everyone must do research before making any decision.

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