Forbes release list of Billion Dollar Blockchain Companies


On the 16th of April, Financial news outlet Forbes has released a list of So-called “Blockchain Billion Babies,” or we can call the companies implementing Blockchain technology.

So what the List includes? The list includes all the companies that are in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain development space.

It also includes traditional firms like Banks, cleaning houses, food companies, supply chain management firms etc.

The most prevalent companies in the household list were Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, ING, Mastercard, Microsoft and Nestle.

The companies related to Cryptocurrency which is listed in the list includes the United States based Cryptocurrency Exchange firm Coinbase, European mining and hardware firm Bitfury.

Also a Blockchain based financial services network and XRP token creator Ripple. In addition, the list also includes that which Blockchain chain protocol is being adopted by whom.

So various firms like Hyperledger protocols, Blockchain consortium R3’s Corda protocol and the Ethereum network are widely featured across a number of firms over across various Industry.

The listing company also listed the potential of the blockchain technology that simplified the business process.

Let’s take an example of Depository Trust & Clearing Corp (DTCC) which remarkably keeps the record of 90 million transactions per day. As per the news by Forbes, the firm will begin the conversion of 50,000.

Hence the account will be converted to a Blockchain based system and will help them in various ways like in the elimination of duplicate procedures.

According to a white paper published By DTCC which outlined the guiding principles regarding the post-trade processing of tokenized securities. And was termed useful for the stakeholders in identifying their legal responsibility and keeping the security of the token platform.

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