Bittrex launching ICO on 2 April at its exchange launchpad, VeriBlock (VBK)


Token Sale of VeriBlock ICO will take place at Bittrex Exchange Platform reported on the blog-post of Bittrex Exchange. Only KYC verified Bittrex users can participate in the crowd sale.

The Blockchain Explorer or MainNet already launched by the team, you can check out it here.

They are using Proof of Proof (PoP) Technology in their Blockchain.

The Proof-of-Proof consensus protocol enables blockchains to inherit and leverage the Proof of Work security from the already established superior blockchain such as Bitcoin.

In simple words, they are using Bitcoin Blockchain to secure the other newly established Blockchains by integrating them with Bitcoin Blockchain.

VeriBlock ICO Details

Symbol – VBK

Website –

WhitePaper – click here 

ICO Launchpad – click here

Team – click here

Coin Type – Mainnet Blockchain Coin

VeriBlock MainNet Explorer – Click here

Bittrex Sale Allocation – 70,000,000 VBK

Total Supply – 2,100,000,000 VBK

Initial Circulating Supply – 283,000,000 VBK

Public Sale Time – 2019/04/02, (GMT+5:30)

Public Sale Token Price – ~$0.10 USD

Individual Cap – 200,000 VBK

Mininmum Purchase – 100 VBK

Coin Distribution – Delivery on April 05, 2019 (GMT+5:30) after ICO sale ends

Veriblock Blockchain status
Veriblock Blockchain status

Token sale of VBK will take place at Bittrex Exchange. Bittrex already verified VeriBlock ICO and will start its trading on the exchange after the completion of ICO coin sale event.  

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency and ICO investments are subjected to very high risk. We are not responsible for any losses and profits.  Your Risk Your Profit. Please Do Your Own Research Before Investing.

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