WhatsApp New Wallet will Accept Payments in Bitcoin


WhatsApp is the world best messaging app with an active user base of 1.5 Billion per month. A new AI (Artifical Intelligence) enabled wallet is released “Waubit”. The wallet will enable users to send payments in Bitcoins over WhatsApp and other messaging apps including Telegram, Facebook and Viber.

The wallet will not only allow Bitcoin payments. Other popular cryptocurrencies like XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin are also available. Other crypto coins will be added later. The wallet has AI features, the firm did not reveal all the features yet.

WhatsApp New Wallet will Accept Payments in Bitcoin 1
Source: Waubit

The wallet will integrate with the messaging apps and provide an easy UI to send payments. If users want to send a payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum they just need to give the command “Send 0.05 BTC”. The wallet will ask for a confirmation an immediately send the Bitcoin payment.

The wallet is available for all users. Every user must configure the wallet and give a valid crypto address.

When The Wallet Launch

The Company said in an interview the wallet will be launch in Beta Testing in April. Initially, the firm is going with the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Later on, other cryptocurrencies will add to the payment system according to popularity.

The Firm believes that this will open the gates for the mass adoption of Bitcoin and Crypto. Cryptocurrencies are introducing to new users who don’t know how to use them.

Earlier, Facebook also announces to launch a stable coin for WhatsApp payments. The Facebook Coin will launch in the second quarter (Q2) of 2019.

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