Black Swan author criticizes Bitcoin proponent Robert Kiyosaki 


Nassim Nicholas Taleb criticized Robert Kiyosaki for advocating Bitcoin, Gold, and silver while ditching the US dollar. 

Robert Kiyosaki is a world-famous financial guru & he is a big supporter of Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, & real estate. Over the past couple of years, Kiyosaki badly criticized the US dollar & suggested people remain ready to invest in his favorite God assets to fight against the surging inflation.

5 days ago, the precious metals dealer Lear Capital & Robert Kiyosaki talked about the plunging purchasing power of the US dollar, which has worsened over the last 5 decades. 

Best-selling author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, renowned for his book ‘Black Swan, criticized Kiyosaki & Lear Capital for the advocacy of Bitcoin, Gold, and silver, on behalf of a one-sided picture.

According to Nassim, Kiyosaki should also show a picture of the Gold price which saw big ups & downs in the last 50 years. In short, the US dollar maintained its purchase value more perfectly than the precious metals.

On 30 Sep 2023, Kiyosaki indirectly responded against Nassim and showed his full support for Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver and said that people think hyperinflation results in an increment in the prices but in reality it means the purchasing power is going down. 

Bitcoin price

The current trade price of Bitcoin is $27,101 & this trade price is 4.25% higher over the last 30 days of trade price.

Black Swan author criticizes Bitcoin proponent Robert Kiyosaki  1

Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index

Currently the Bitcoin fear & greed index is 48 & this is a hint that the situation is currently neutral but the experienced traders are waiting for some big ups & downs, in order to book profit on the past buying & buying more Bitcoin at discounted price.

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