Blockchain Association director says IRS should focus on centralised Crypto platforms


Kristin Smith shared her suggestion for the IRS agency  and suggested to focus on centralised crypto exchanges instead of unnecessary things like Crypto miners, stakers, crypto software developers because these participants don’t hold or control people’ crypto funds.

Kristin Smith is the executive director at Blockchain Association. Blockchain Association is a trade association that represents reputable organisations in the crypto sector. In short, this association acts as a medium to establish legal communication between Crypto space & government agencies. This association is situated in Washington DC since 2015. 

Recently Kristin appeared in an interview with the Decrypt podcast and there she dragged the matter of the $1.3 trillion US infrastructure bill which was signed by US president Joe Biden in Nov 2021. 

Kristin said that the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) should focus on ways to impose a proper framework on the centralised Crypto exchanges to collect the financial activities on the exchange on behalf of the crypto Investors so that the IRS can collect crypto Investors’ information to collect Crypto tax easily. 

“We hope that they focus on that because it’s going to be very difficult if they start (with) miners and validators and software providers, who help with the operation of a transaction but don’t take control of customer funds,” Kristin said.

According to Kristin, It will be impossible for the Crypto miners, validators & crypto software providers to comply with new rules, proposed under the US infrastructure bill. 

US infrastructure bill & “Crypto broker” controversy 

In the US infrastructure bill, policymakers introduced a “Crypto Broker” term and they dragged Crypto miners, Crypto software developers, stakers, and SPOs under the category of the crypto broker. 

In short, the Crypto Broker definition under the US infrastructure bill was wrong. Many crypto proponents like Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk jumped against this mistake and claimed that such laws were made without taking the time & will only degrade the innovation of the Crypto sector. 

Before the beginning of Crypto 2023, US authorities confirmed that Crypto investors including Crypto brokers don’t need to take tension regarding new tax provisions because the corresponding body will introduce changes that will come into effect in the next 2 years. 

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