Blockchain firm RealX to allow Indian to purchase fractional properties

RealX became the first ever unique project of the blockchain industry. It will allow fractional property buy options for the Indians. 

In the field of crypto space, every time a new project enters which attains new hype in the community. Blockchain and crypto are just solutions for all kinds of financial and data records based problems. In the present time NFTs are a trend and every person can hold a particular NFTs token corresponding to unique art. But here RealX will allow practical life ownership of properties. That means use of NFTs based concepts in practical life.

According to a report in The Economic Times, RealX established a partnership with Tripvillas. Both of these two firms will work together to give a unique facility to the people of India. With the use of blockchain technology, RealX will give options for Indian citizens to buy fractional properties. And also buyers will get yield. 

We can say, ownership of a property in collaboration with multiple people. And safety of the records of the ownership of property will be guaranteed by the blockchain technology. 

Neera Inamdar, chief operating officer and co-founder, said that this idea of blockchain based real-estate concept arose in Covid-19 pandemic situation and then we connected developers and Real-estate Investors. 

“We offer ‘direct deeded property co-ownership’ and it is in the best interest of investors to become direct co-owners of the property.”

Roshan Lionel Dsilva, founder and CEO of Tripvillas, claimed that soon in the future, they will allow properties buy facilities in countries outside of India. 

These types of Indian startups show that Indians are highly inclined towards the crypto and blockchain based ideas, despite uncertainty of crypto legalisation in future. 
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