Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Asks Bitcoin OR Ethereum?

A new NFT fan Tyson wants to invest in cryptocurrency. But he is confused about choosing the perfect coin to invest in. He asked his followers which coin is better: Bitcoin or Ethereum. He got lots of awesome feedback.

Mike Tyson is a Boxing legend in his field. And he recently became a fan of NFT & crypto overnight. Now he is much eager to invest in cryptocurrency. So he asked his followers to suggest the best Between Ethereum & Bitcoin.

This question is itself a big problem for those who believe in blockchain adoption and future. At one side Ethereum is a legend in its own ecosystem then at another side Bitcoin is King because that is the first Crypto of this world. 

Well here Tyson got lots of suggestions from crypto legends investors.

Micheal Saylor, CEO MicroStrategy, replied to go with Bitcoin. He said that he spent lots of time trying to figure out the perfect one, then he decided to go with Bitcoin.

While Tyson got lots of  suggestion also to go with other coins except Bitcoin & Ethereum. Community suggested that he can buy BCH, Ripple, DogeCoin etc.

While, another legend of the blockchain developer community explained Tyson in much perfect way. 

COPE creator @cyrii_MM said, “Bitcoin is digital gold, Ethereum is Future of finance and SOL is the future of finance/gaming/trading.” 

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