Bridge Between Blockchain Network Will Be Key Point


Experts say bridges between two networks will make it possible to adopt the Blockchain technology in future at huge levels. The Cardano Team is doing their work at this problem but they are in the initial phase of development.

A recent report on pointed out an important point that can help the adoption of blockchain technology in future with better results.

They talked about the bridge system that can connect two Blockchain networks to each other.

Adoption Of Ethereum Blockchain Network Is A Big Problem

Reports say Ethereum is the second biggest Cryptocurrency asset of the crypto market but still the team is not engaged in the solution of main problems that the community is facing.

According to data reports analysis, Around 59% DApp are working on Ethereum Blockchain Network.

Whiel  41% includes numbers of blockchain networks that are working independently.

The Ethereum team is working on the Ethereum Blockchain revolution and now they will completely change it into the Ethereum 2.0 version that will give lots of efficiency to the Ethereum network.

But still there are Many things which are still needed to fix, like the scalability factor and tools to connect other blockchain networks with Ethereum networks.

No doubt there are numbers of blockchain networks which are better than Ethereum. Like Tron network & Solana Network.

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In the present time, the fastest network in terms of transaction speed, Solana, is unbeatable.

But still people are more engaged in Ethereum and Bitcoin networks and they are not taking their attention in Solana like projects seriously.

So if there can be any tool or technology that can connect all these networks then probably it will be a big advantageous point for such high potential projects which deserve attention.

Cardano Team Probably A Solution

Everyone, who is in this field of Cryptocurrency, is aware about Cardano’s project and the team work.

The Cardano team believes in improvement and development instead of marketing strategy.

The Cardano team recently developed a ERC-20 converter tool that was able to use Erc-20 based on Cardano’s chain. 

Since this is not launched on the mainnet of Cardano. But soon they will launch.

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