Solana May Beat Ethereum This Year : Crypto Expert


A veteran crypto expert analysis says, Solana can blaze Ethereum market cap and also it will increase to around 10× from its current price.

An experienced Cryptocurrency trader shared his analysis about Solana. And explained to his 539,500 followers, Solana potential.

This veteran crypto trader and influencer in the trading field shared his only point of view about what he thinks About Solana        . 

According to him, For Solana to beat the Ethereum market cap is not will be shocking because Solana has potential to do so because most of the crypto dogs believe that Solana protocol & it’s network is much better from the point of adoption to gain efficiency in transactions.

“The SOL/ETH chart looks incredible – extremely bullish. SOL could be 10x and still have room to double before catching up with Ethereum in current market cap. I’m expecting Solana to catch up several multiples worth towards Ethereum’s market cap this year.”

So According to him Solana can go 10 times this year but for now in this present situation it can increase by double. And also he has full belief that there is a big relationship between Ethereum & Solana from the point of analysis because these are going to be a competitor.

At the present time, the price of Solana coin is $33.23 and its market cap is around $9.5 billion. So to beat Ethereum market cap, solana should have gain of 27 times in its cap.

Also many traders pointed out that Solana doesn’t need to beat Ethereum market cap to beat it. If it is in demand then surely it can achieve more growth by numbers.

If we compare the 2017 market cycle and 2021 market cycle then we will find that there is a huge difference. This year many high potential coins touched their new all time high.

“We will pump off the bottom extremely quickly, leaving most sideline investors stuck in stablecoins.” 

So those who are only looking at stability will remain with stable coins and others will take advantage of it. It’s full indication is to understand the situation and don’t try to put other stability points where you can’t achieve anything.

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