BTC, BNB, EOS Techincal Analysis, Price Prediction


Bitcoin Price Prediction Techincal Analysis

After a quite decent correction nearby ATH in Bitcoin, now taken support between $16400 – $16600 and now hedging higher. As we can see there is a minor resistance at $18800. Currently, we are again moving towards ATH which may act as resistance again.

Support Levels – $16400 – $16600, $14100 – $14300

Resistance Levels – $19300 – $19800

BTC, BNB, EOS Techincal Analysis, Price Prediction 1
Source: Trading View

Note: Market may break above ATH level because of the bullish scenarios but ATH level is also playing a good physiological resistance.

Binance Coin (BNB) Techincal Analysis

We can see a heavy downtrend and a broke of the trend line, taken support. Currently BNB is taking support 0.00160BTC – 0.00162BTC. Broking below that price may see 0.00150BTC – 0.00154BTC level up to 0.00153BTC – 0.00154BTC. Although it’s weekly support also. Broking below may cause more falls.

Support Levels – 0.00153BTC – 0.00154BTC

Resistance Levels – 0.00177BTC – 0.00180BTC

EOS Technical Analysis

EOS coin is extremely bearish trend breaking all support while no more support level looking left. Meanwhile, the trend line is also working great. Currently, a decent gain of about 40% a few days back will act as a support level now. Weekly support and ATL (All Time Low) is nearby the same (just 50% away), we may or may not see that level. 0.00016000 will also act as minor support.

Support Levels – 0.00014BTC – 0.000145BTC, 0.00007600BTC – 0.00007800BTC.

Resistance Levels – 0.000195BTC – 0.0002BTC, 0.000248BTC – 0.000258BTC.

BTC, BNB, EOS Techincal Analysis, Price Prediction 2
Source: Trading View