Buy Now Pay Later firm will allow crypto trading for Australians

Zip will allow their Australian customers to buy/sell crypto assets . It’s expected that their facility will allow Australians to buy crypto assets in advance and pay later.

Peter Gray, co-founder of Buy Now Pay Later firm Zip, announced they will enter into the crypto trading business soon for their Australian customers. They are doing this because of high demands from their users. 

According to Gray, Cryptocurrency trading through their Zip Digital wallet could result in a better experience for their users and also it is the most requested demand from their clients’ users base. Whereas he didn’t explain the whole thing in detail that how it will work but formerly he gave full indication that they will soon enter a crypto trading facility and it will give better options for their customers because of their feature of BNPL.

According to reports, Zip may launch their crypto trading facility in the coming years. In the initial phase they will launch only for their Australian & United States based users.

Like layaway, Zip firm allow flexible payment options. Through their Digital wallet platform merchants & retailer shops can offer flexible payment options to their customers. Zip got much popularity and success in Q4 of 2020 in the United States. Success of BNPL Zip firms made it a biggest competitor of Afterpay and Klarna,

During Covid-19 pandemic situation, Gray stated that 

“We know our younger generation of customers seek additional products and services that are relevant to them”

Reports also say that, Zip firm is attracting high profile names like Paypal & apple with their business integration in future. Right now Zip is planning crypto trading facility for Australians only because 30% of the young users are from Australia and they expect that they will get better response in the initial stages of launching crypto related services.

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