Cardano’s smart contracts are now compatible with web & mobile clients

Charles Hoskinson revealed their successful test of browser based Plutus applications. Plutus application is backed by the famous javascript programming language.  

On 20 July, Charles Hoskinson streamed a video, In the stream Charles revealed that Cardano’s contract system will work on mobile based browser application. They successfully run the Plutus application.

“The point of the application backend in the browser is to enable Plutus applications in the browser. That was a big milestone to see that team do it”

So now, Cardano’s contract system is available on browser based applications on Testnet. They will launch it further on mainnet by September.

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After the final testing of Plutus smart contract system, Mithril will be activated to provide better security to the contract system on mobile browsers. Mithril is a lightweight client of Cardano chain and it is responsible for high security for the Cardano chain.

Further in the stream, Hoskinson said that they will further do some analysis on this program so that they can enhance performance and compatibility of Plutus smart contracts. 

Cardano’s team is ready to implement smart contract system on mainnet. Right now they are in the phase of Alonzo hardfork. Alonzo hard fork will enable lots of features on the Cardano network. One of the main features after the Alonzo hard fork will be the smart contract system. It is expected that they will introduce it by September.

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Recently, the team revealed that they performed the AlonzoWhite hard fork on testnet successfully. They successfully tested smart contract systems to developers & validators. 

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