Canadian regulators releases a guideline for crypto trading platforms

Regulators of Canada published a notice for the crypto trading platforms to follow the rules and regulations and provide a better ecosystem for the crypto Investors.

In the present time, almost all the developed countries are aware about the crypto industry and also they are aware about the crypto services and how they are trying to trick the crypto investors to invest in any kind of the tokens. So to overcome this concern, guidelines have been published by the authorities of Canada. 

Notice for the crypto platforms published on 23 September by  the CSA and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.

These Authorities of Canada, figured out that there is a necessity to regulate the crypto platforms in terms of  “certain advertising activities and marketing strategies by platforms that trade crypto assets.”

In recent times, these entities find that there are many crypto platforms which are violating the rules & regulations of Securities and also raising problems for the crypto Investors protection.

And also they raised issues with the use of social media to promote the crypto related ads which are part of gambling, false information or something misleading for the crypto Investors. So advertisements in inappropriate ways violate the rules.

Regulators also raised concern over the special types of gambling events which encourage crypto investors to get out from the fear of crypto Investment. And these are those types of platforms which are newly launched and try to promote in ways to make their platform engaged.

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