Former Goldman Sachs Exec is Bullish on Cardano, Solana and XRP

 Former Goldman Sachs Executive talked about three crypto assets and claimed that they are much better than other crypto assets. He explained all these three crypto assets one by one.

In a recent interview, Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs executive, shared his point of view on three main crypto assets that he believes are better. He explained precisely about the reasons why he is bullish on the main three crypto assets. 

On Ripple, Pal said that Ripple is a best crypto asset from the point of its use cases. There are a number of use cases of the XRP token. Which is not a similar case for other crypto assets. But the current lawsuit against Ripple is a critical situation for XRP to get a boost. Pal also said that people will say XRP is a non-decentralised but instead of this thing, we should look at the use case of the XRP. 

On Solana, He said that he received information, where found that around 300 people are working to build their project in the Solana ecosystem. Right now Solana is a big competitor of Ethereum. No doubt earlier this Ethereum was better but the cycle has been changed, so we have to go with the Solana in this cycle. 

And on Cardano, Pal said that there are huge use cases for Cardano Blockchain. Because right now Cardano is at that level where we can consider it as a beginning phase of development. 

According to Pal, there are other use cases outside of Ethopia. And the Cardano ecosystem needed a network and use cases. And Pal believes that if ADA can survive this cycle then surely it will outperform.

One main thing, pal added that, there are a few bunch of people, who are only giving priority to Bitcoin. And surely those people will hate my statement but here we need to see the use cases, does Bitcoin really have a use case? Obviously no. But Cardano and Ripple-like assets have real use cases in practical life. 

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