Cardano A Top Racehorses This Crypto Market Cycle


At the end of February it started to rise rapidly because of the Alts season. The price gained by ADA is $2.45 on 16 May. 

And at the current time it’s price is $1.25 approx.

This growth behaviour of ADA coin is similar to Bitcoin instead of Altcoin.

Read this full report about Cardano , that is why this is the top competitor of this Cryptocurrency market.

ADA is a 5th ranked coin of this Cryptocurrency market according to the current data situation of Cryptocurrency market website 

Since ADA coin is not much popular while its trade volume is very high in comparison with other more popular coins except Bitcoin , Etherium , BNB coin & Tether.

Price & Volume Support

The first factor that makes ADA coin more better and stable is real support by the Crypto community.

We can see how the price of ADA coin rose to $1+ this year. And this price of ADA coin is not a very big thing According to its potential.

Since the price of this coin touched $2.45 on 16 May but that was pumped by some group of individual person.

After May we saw many crashes in this field which are responsible for the big big dump in many coins. But the ADA coin was that coin which gained stability in a very quick time.

No Marketing, Only Development Work On Cardano

The team of Cardano project always remains busy to develop and improve the network of Cardano to make their native coin more perfect and more efficient.

In the present time we can see that there are two major works that have been done by the team of ADA coin.

First one is an ERC-20 converter tool and the second is Alonzo 2.0.

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These two things are in the testing phase and they will be launched on mainnet after 80 days from today.

Here it should be noticed that the Cardano team never created hype for such development work. 

Since they talked about it in Cryptocurrency social media. That is how their new development work will be able to Handle blockchain related problems in future. But they never tried to get over hype with their work.

So all this analysis about ADA coins is enough to prove that ADA coins are working on real future problems of the Cryptocurrency world. 

Instead of marketing to create stupid hype and make money. 

And all these things are enough to show the support by the Cryptocurrency community for this coin.

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