Iranian Police Seized 7000 Crypto Mining Machines


Iran Police Seized more than 3000 Cryptocurrency mining machines in 2 days to violate the new crypto mining ban law. And in the present time more than 7000 machines have been seized by them.

Few weeks ago Iranian government announced a ban for Cryptocurrency miners to mine Cryptocurrency till 22 September. 

Iranian government claims that there is an electricity shortage issue in the country and also in the summer months it is not possible to generate extra electricity to complete the needs of Iranian citizens for their basic electricity consumption.

And also According to the government. 

Electricity shortage is the biggest problem for street lights. Due to overload of electricity, street lights are dim.

Since Cryptocurrency mining is legal in Iran, it was not possible to declare mining ban law. 

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So Iranian government decided to ban Cryptocurrency mining for a short term.

Iranian government announced a ban on Cryptocurrency mining till 22 September. 

But many people in Iran were totally dependent on Cryptocurrency mining revenue, so they violated government orders.

And in reply, Iranian Police Seized more than 7000 mining machines.

Many social media reports are saying that more than 80% of the Cryptocurrency miners are unauthorized in Iran.

So to catch these illegal miners, the government of Iran imposed a mining restriction.

Well here it is the duty of all Cryptocurrency users of Iran to look at this situation of electricity shortage and they should follow the laws of their country.

On one side Iran is taking electricity from neighbouring countries to complete their needs and on the other side people of Iran are using electricity in unfair ways.

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