Cardano established a deal with Dish Network


Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson unveiled his deal with Dish Network. Dish will use the Cardano Blockchain to make their services better and more secure. 

On 26 September, Cardano 2021 summit was held. In the summit, Cardano team established many deals with the big brands and companies to expand the Cardano ecosystem and use cases. Most popular names so far coming are COTI, Chain Link.

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Charles Hoskinson, CEO and founder of Cardano, announced the deal with Dish Network.

Dish network is a US based company and also this company has a very big network in the US wirelessly.

Under the partnership, Dish Network will use the blockchain network of Cardano to make digital identities market to make it better, more private and secure. 

Under the partnership, Dish network will give Digital identities to their 8 Million users with Cardano Blockchain use.

Dish networks will help the adoption rate increase unlike airlines. 

Here this partnership of Cardano project with the Dish network is a clear indication that Cardano blockchain network has all possible features in its ecosystem that are enough to digitise the non-crypto world. And this was possible because of Alonzo Hardfork that successfully took on the Cardano mainnet on 12 September. 

Adoption of Cardano ecosystem seems to be increasing more rapidly, because not only crypto projects coming to Cardano but there are many non-crypto projects. For example, recently, a humanoid robot maker firm chose Cardano Blockchain to process the data with more speed.

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