Cardano Foundation CEO on 2021 success of Cardano project

The CEO of Cardano shared some important thoughts on the Cardano project and explained that how the Cardano project achieved growth. 

The year 2021 was much better for the whole crypto industry because not only adoption surged to the next level but also Bitcoin was adopted by El Salvador as a legal tender. Almost every crypto project surged by multiple folds. 

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of Cardano Foundation, shared his thoughts on Cardano project growth and development work in 2021.

Frederik noted that Cardano’s native token surged by around 7 fold this year. All this was part of the better development work in the Cardano blockchain network and also a better collaboration with other crypto projects. 

“sustained growth, technical innovation, community expansion, and partnerships”

Frederik also pointed out the success of Alonzo Hardfork in the Cardano mainnet. According to him, the introduction of smart contract features in the Cardano blockchain through the Alonzo Hardfork was the biggest move. Alonzo Hardfork brought programmability on the Cardano blockchain to invite Decentralized applications.

On the partnership and collaboration, Cardano foundation CEO pointed out the partnership with the esports platform Rival, fintech firm UBX, and non-profit organization Saves the Children were more important. 

To fight against bugs, Cardano established a partnership with HackerOne to launch the bug Bounty program of the Cardano blockchain network for the first time.

“joint Bug Bounty program will leverage HackerOne’s ethical hackers and diligent procedures to maintain Cardano’s position as a stable and secure blockchain.”

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