Cardano founder believes nation-states will one day rely on smartcontract

Charles Hoskinson stated that one day nations will use crypto tech powered smart contract systems to wide swaths of government operations.

Cardano (ADA) is a top third crypto project which is adopted by the crypto community. And right now there are many crypto projects, which are going and willing to develop their platforms on the Cardano blockchain network with the use of new features that are live because of the Alonzo Hardfork which happened successfully on 12 September.

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Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Cardano project and also a mathematician, speaking in the Cardano Summit 2021, stated that the new innovation technology relies on the blockchain and this will push the traditional centralised financial system to go on the blockchain technology.

Charles Hoskinson believes that it will surely happen because the current situation of the financial governance system is not making people happy.

“People are fundamentally unhappy with governance. There’s an appetite for new systems, new ways of governance, new types of institutions”

Further Charles added that most of the people know about the potential of crypto and now they will move toward blockchain technology. And right now the crypto industry is aware about it. So in future, there will be no responsible  kings, presidents, and dictators of the financial system.

Charles Hoskinson also predicted that the future of 2025 to 2030 will fully adopt blockchain based stock markets and billions of transactions in the whole nation will take place through decentralized apss.

Further Charles Hoskinson said that in the incoming years, hundreds and thousands of projects will come into this ecosystem that will give a better piece to this world. 

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