Cardano founder blocks XRP supporters on Twitter, Here is why?


Charles Hoskinson said that he had never seen such a group that radically picked up a few words and ran with them. 

Charles Hoskinson is a popular crypto personality, who is known for his crypto project Cardano. Hoskinson is CEO of IOHK, a developer team behind the Cardano blockchain. Cardano is a commercial blockchain unlike Bitcoin & Ethereum, which are non-profit public blockchain networks. 

On 11 October, Hoskinson took to Twitter to show his anger. He said that he blocked almost all the XRP supporters, who were criticizing him for no reason. 

Further, Hoskinson said that he had never seen any group which picked only particular words to criticize badly.

“I think I’ve blocked most of the XRP trolls who continue to harass unprovoked. I’ve never seen a group so radically pick up a few words and run with it. Great job turning an ally into someone disgusted and checked out,” Hoskinson said.

A XRP supporter responded and asked why he never talked about the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit in the last 2 years, since the Lawsuit was initiated.

Then, Hoskinson replied and said that he already talked about this Lawsuit on many occasions & events but no one cares. 

Hoskinson’s statement on the XRP lawsuit

During a crypto event, Charles Hoskinson said that few XRP supporters believe there are some corrupt people in the SEC agency and that is why SEC is targeting only Ripple company.

Later, Hoskinson said that he was trying to say that the SEC is taking action on not only Ripple but also on other crypto companies because of unclear regulatory policies.

Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen supported Cardano’s founder against criticism and said that he is right at his place and also his statement is true.

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