DappRadar reveals people are not active in crypto Metaverse platforms


A report by DappRadar claimed that the majority of the Metaverse platforms are showing wrong information about their active users. 

Metaverse is a virtual reality-based next-level concept, which grabbed huge traction in the crypto & tech industry after the announcement of the Metaverse project by the Facebook CEO. In Q2, Mark Zuckerberg rebranded the name of Facebook to Meta and also revealed the Metaverse-related Trademarkarks filing to launch the Metaverse platform & services. The retail interest in Metaverse-related projects plunged significantly within one year of the time frame, as per Google search data analytics. 

Recently crypto-related data tracker platform DappRadar shared a report and disclosed that Decentraland ( $MANA ) has only 30 Daily Active Users.

The Decentraland project team responded to these data reports officially and claimed that the reported data are wrong because reported data are taken on behalf of some particular transactions, which was not the perfect way of analysis.

According to Decentraland, in only September, there were a total of 56,700 monthly users, which means 1,890 active users per day. 

Sandbox team also responded to the data of DappRadar and confirmed that there are 39,000 monthly users on its platform.

The whole controversy on Metaverse active daily users and real active users created a significant negative impact on the Metaverse-related crypto projects amid bear market sentiment. 

The current price of Mana, a native token of Decentraland, is $0.67, which is down by 18% over the last 3 months of the time frame.

DappRadar reveals people are not active in crypto Metaverse platforms 1

The current price of Sand is $0.789 and this price is down by 30% over the last 3 months’ trade price. 

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