Cardano founder doubled down his criticism against the XRP coin


After 365 days, Charles Hoskinson responded to a very old tweet and said that his critic words against XRP coin & community are still the same. 

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano (ADA) and the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH). He is popular in the crypto sector because of the Cardano blockchain. Under his leadership Cardano blockchain showed top-level competition in this industry against all the top crypto networks.

In Q4 2022, Charles Hoskinson passed some comments regarding the Ripple vs US regulator conflict over the nature of the XRP coin. At the time Hoskinson pointed attention toward unclear crypto rules behind the Ripple vs SEC conflict as a main fact. 

At that time many XRP proponents criticised Hoskinson for his indirect support for the US regulatory bodies. However, Hoskinson’s statement was not against Ripple or XRP but still the whole XRP community opposed him.

Later in Dec 2022, Hoskinson talked about Ripple vs SEC resolution possibilities on behalf of speculations among the big players. Those positive comments again faced criticism. Some people claimed that Hoskinson fooled people with fake information.

Following all such controversies, Hoskinson decided not to talk about Ripple or XRP, even not negative or positive and also at the same time he said XRP had no technical value.

In response, Ripple CTO David Schwartz asked Hoskinson to reconsider his statement but Hoskinson decided not to respond.

Now 365 days later a Crypto proponent asked why Cardano’s founder failed to respond. 

Cardano’s founder said that there are no technical similarities between Cardano & XRP and also he faced huge negativity from the XRP community as a main reason for not responding.

Hoskinson explained in detail and dragged attention toward other XRP-like crypto projects which are solving the problems more perfectly over XRP. 

Furthermore, Hoskinson also explained that he tried every time to neutralise the toxicity of the XRP community but every time people misrepresented his statements.

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