Cardano founder says Plutus language makes Cardano Edge Over Ethereum And Other

Charles Hoskinson pointed toward a recent hack attack on the monoX protocol and explained how Cardano is away from security risks and has a position over the other blockchains like Ethereum. 

Cardano is the third biggest crypto asset of the crypto market by volume and it is known as the best alternative of the Ethereum blockchain network, however, Ethereum will remain a priority for those who believe in the Ethereum blockchain project. 

Charles Hoskinson, CEO, and founder of the Cardano project, always remains active on the social media platform Twitter and always appears in the AMA session weekly on YouTube to talk about the Cardano project.

Charles pointed out the hack attack on the mono defi protocol and explained how that can be avoided with the use of a highly-secured programming language.

According to reports, the monoX Defi platform lost around $31 million because of a hacking attack through a bug. 

According to Charles, the bug that was associated with the mono protocol can be easily avoided by using a secured programming language. Charles pointed towards the Plutus programming language of the Cardano blockchain network and said that Plutus edges the blockchain network above others with a way for developers to write “great and secure code.”

“This is exactly why Plutus was written for Cardano. Good languages and tooling work with the developer and auditor enabling them to write great and secure code. Bad languages load and hand them the gun that they shoot themselves with”, Charles said 

Plutus is a programming language, used to write smart contract code on the Cardano blockchain network by the developers. 

Cardano team on Plutus script 

The developer team behind the Cardano project, input-output Hong Kong global (IOHK), recently published a report on the recent development works and plans and revealed that they are planning to increase the memory of the Plutus script. 

With this, they aimed to increase the efficiency of the blockchain network to handle more traffic on the network. 

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