Cardano’s software developers shares some details on the Layer2 scaling project


Matthias Benkort responds to a request of a Twitter user to explain the Hydra concept based design in Cardano blockchain Network. 

Cardano is a 9th-ranked crypto project, in terms of 24 hours trade volume of its native token. Cardano was founded by one of the Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. Charles has huge knowledge about Ethereum and also about the limitations, where Cardano may create a very big competition against the Ethereum project. 

 On 30 April, a crypto enthusiast asked a question on Hydra, a layer 2 scaling solution of Cardano blockchain, from Matthias Benkort, software developer at Cardano’s Input-Output Global (IOG), to know about the design of Hydra.

In response, Benkert explained some important details about Hydra.

Originally, Cardano’s software developer was asked how the team will deploy the Defi protocols with the Hydra. The developer said that Hydra will have the ability to onboard apps (Decentralized Apps) with different structural networks using its separate elements.

Benkert indirectly hinted that the design of Hydra is still under consideration and also will depend upon the requests of community representatives. 

Hydra: Layer2 scaling solution to Cardano blockchain

Hydra is a Layer2 scaling solution concept, which was introduced by the native developer team to enable high-scale crypto transactions in the Cardano Blockchain network. 

In the last month, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, stated that once Hydra will be introduced, it will create a better competition against the rival blockchain networks.

However Hydra will have the ability to facilitate transactions up to 1 Million TPS but still, Cardano’s founder stated that Cardano will allow microtransactions by the end of the year and also will compete with Solana-like projects, so indirectly hinted that TPS of Cardano blockchain with Hydra will remain below 30-50k.

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