Chainlink ($Link) pumping sharply, following Swift Payments Update


The trade price of Link coin surged 8% within 24 hours, following a big news update in link with Swift Payment. 

Chainlink ($Link) is a cryptocurrency project that links smart contracts to real-world data. It uses a network of oracles to provide secure and reliable information to blockchain apps. This allows smart contracts to work with external data, like payment systems or market information, making them more useful. ChainLink ensures the data used by smart contracts is accurate and trustworthy.

The current trade price of $Link coin, the native token of the Chainlink network, is $18.18 & this trade price is 7.8% higher over the last 24 hours. 

Chainlink ($Link) pumping sharply, following Swift Payments Update 1

The sudden increment in the trade price of the ChainLink token occurred because of the bullish news regarding Chainlink. As per reports, Chain Link will be co-presenting with international payments platform Swift at this week’s Consensys conference in Austin, Texas.

The collaboration is one that Chainlink has said proved that “existing infrastructure can merge with the new world of blockchains”.

In a recent interview, Chainlink project co-founder Sergey Nazarov shared his views on the approval of Ethereum spot ETF applications. 

He called ETH spot ETF approval a historic event for the crypto sector. 

Furthermore, he added that it is a clear indication that many other digital assets will secure high institutional capital investment via approval of their corresponding spot ETF product in the future.

Yesterday, Chainlink reported that so far they successfully integrated their support for 9 different blockchain networks.

As per reports, DTCC, the biggest settlement and clearing house in the US, uses the ChainLink network to transfer tokenized assets. 

Today, crypto investment firm 21Shares appreciated the role of the ChainLink crypto project’s contribution in “revolutionising the realm of tokenization” and crediting it with enabling it. 

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