Chances To Approve WisdomTree Bitcoin ETF This Year?

The WisdomTree Bitcoin ETF is another exposure project for bitcoin that will allow people to invest in Bitcoin directly with more ease. But still it is also waiting at the desk of SEC to get approval. 

These days, Grayscale fund managers are trying their best to get approval from the SEC to get approval to convert their Green Bitcoin assets into Bitcoin ETF. Even they believe that they will get achievement soon in their struggle but probably they are also not sure. A similar kind of project “WisdomTree Bitcoin ETF” is also in this list with Grayscale. 

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WisdomTree Bitcoin ETF is also under the review & analysis of Severity &  Exchange Commission authority to get approval. However, the agency’s cautious approach puts it in the same position as other applications like Gray-scale fund manager for their GBTC. 

WisdomTree has been an established firm since 2006. This firm gives exposure to those projects which are in domestic and international equity, currencies, commodities, and other securities. They have a total $74 billion of investment by the institutional investors. And it is also the biggest fund manager company of the U.S.

WisdomTree already has their hands in Bitcoin through Bitcoin ETPS assets which are listed on Swiss Stock Exchange, Xetra. Euronext exchanges (Paris &Amsterdam). This firm has their services extended in countries outside the U.S and have no issues. 

These days, the WisdomTree company shows they stress about the approval of Bitcoin ETF. And they think that SEC authorties have respect & time for Crypto and may soon give approval. 

Opposite of it, reports says, SEC pushed the delay of Bitcoin ETF approval in future without any particular date. 

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