Charles says Projects like “Cardano were and still are the antithesis of this mentality”

The founder of the Cardano project shared his point of view on the current ongoing trend of the crypto industry and explained how Cardano-like projects have better sustainability and future in the long term. 

Cardano is a top-level crypto blockchain network and this blockchain crypto project is known as a rival of the Ethereum blockchain network because of its speed and potential against security and performance reliability. However, Cardano is doing much better with its better teamwork and also doing better innovations to bring the Blockchain technology inclined to adopt in every aspect. Besides all these things, Cardano’s native token is not getting better support in terms of price. If we compare it with the other flagship assets, then we will find that Cardano (ADA) is down by around 50% over the last 2 months’ high price. 

Charles Hoskinson, CEO, and founder of the Cardano project remains always ready to share his point of view on the crypto trend and current ongoing development works by the Cardano core developer team IOHK. 

Charles pointed out the current ongoing trend of crypto with Metaverse. And said that these are the momentary trends of the crypto industry and this will live only if the trend will remain in existence. After the over of the trend, these projects will also go away. And further Charles said that Cardano will remain forever. He added through the blog:

“Projects like Cardano were and still are the antithesis of this mentality. We’ve always chosen a systematic, patient, and refined process that moves publication by publication, release by release instead of chasing hype and the latest cycle.”

Further, Charles noted that the Cardano project aims to push the adoption of billions of people in the world. And it will not happen in months or weeks. He added:

“Our view is that these protocols will be as ubiquitous as the Internet and be used by billions. This scale of adoption will take years to decades, not weeks to months, and won’t be a meme. Ultimately it’s the long game that matters.”

Through this latest blog, Charles replied to those people, who want to see a surge in the price of Cardano (ADA) instead of seeing the surge in the adoption of the network. 

Before this, in March, Charles shared the adoption of the Cardano Ecosystem through the tweet, which can be seen below. 

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