China’s Ban Made Bitcoin Stronger says Edward Snowden

The former National Security Agency subcontractor shared his stance on China’s crackdown on crypto and claimed that Bitcoin became stronger.

Edward Snowden is a popular person with only 38 year of age in the world, who exposed and shared many types of details about many agencies. In the past, Edward also leaked high sensitivity surveillance programs of government authorities. Last October, he got rights to remain in Russia. 

Edward said that, even under “a coordinated global campaign” against Bitcoin, it gained around 10 times value. And further he added that even China banned it but still it maintained its value at a very hard position. 

“Sometimes I think back to this and wonder how many people bought  #Bitcoin then. It’s up ~10x since, despite a coordinated global campaign by governments to undermine public understanding of—and support for—cryptocurrency. China even banned it, but it just made Bitcoin stronger”

Edward bought Bitcoin in March 2020, when bitcoin crashed badly by around 50%. Most of the crypto investors didn’t forget that “Black Thursday” of the crypto industry.

It is worth it to note that, Edward shared his old tweet of March 2020, when bitcoin crashed badly and at that time Edward said that huge fear in the market and that is the main reason to invest.

Here this is not only Edward, who believes that Bitcoin is getting potentially stronger toward the coordinated global campaign. There are many experts, who are witness to bitcoin’s strength. If we look at the past 3-4 years then Bitcoin’s price was too highly volatile over the small negative statements of any politician and personality but now China like countries’ ban statements are not enough to force bitcoin to go down. Because in the present time people know about the potential of Bitcoin and they don’t want to lose the opportunity easily, and that makes bitcoin regain its price easily.

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