China’s Recent Crypto Ranking States EOS at the Top spot while Bitcoin securing 12th place.


Recently China apparently upgraded its Crypto ranking of 23rd of May.

Which revealed EOS securing top rank while Bitcoin at 12th position in the crypto ranking.

As per the recent reporting, this government-funded index firm assessed each of the Cryptocurrencies on the basis of three major criteria which were Technology, Application and not the least innovation.

The five major coins which joined the top-notch EOS league were Tron, Ether, Steem, and Ontology.

Despite its dominance over the Crypto world, the Bitcoin was placed at the 12th position in crypto ranking but on the other hand, it had scored well in case of Creativity but rather a poor score in the case of Basic Technology.

This further crypto ranking Index was brought up by the center of Information and Industry development in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

But taking concerns of updates the firm mentioned that rather of updates every month they will be updating the list once in every two months.

Talking about the crypto ranking, EOS has continued to secure a top spot since June 2018, while Tron securing the second place since February 2019.

Seeing this growing interest of the Chinese firms over the Bitcoin. It has been noticed that they have been exploring Bitcoin Technology from several months and the outcomes are as follows.

Recently Alibaba unveiled its plan over the two Technology interaction so as to form it’s intellectual property systems. The continued interest of JD.Com which as surprisingly applied for about 200 Blockchain related ideas and suggestions.

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