Coin Bureau’ Guy says Solana, Dogecoin, and other three will soon boom

The host of Coin Bureau predicted Solana, Dogecoin, Ltc, Matic, ETH, and Axie’s massive rally. 

Coin Bureau is a youtube channel with a total of 1.87 million subscribers. Its host, the Guy, is known as an expert trader analyst in this crypto industry. He shared his short prediction on five popular crypto assets. 

Guy noted that some better catalysts can act as a better reason to push the massive really in the mentioned crypto assets. 

On Solana, he said that Solana is still in the beta phase and the launch of the mainnet is still in the pipeline. So according to his prediction, Solana is doing its best to bring real life into the blockchain industry and it may achieve its better momentum in March 2021 because at that time it will go through the mainnet launch. 

Besides the launch of Solana on mainnet, the team will also introduce on-chain governance features. And that will be a second milestone for this blockchain network.

On Litecoin (LTC), Guy said that the team will introduce MimbleWimble to enhance the privacy of blockchain transactions. And this factor could be a better option for this coin to show a boom in this market. 

On Dogecoin, Guy noted that the project team will launch GigaWallet to enable businesses and enterprises to use the wallet to accept payments in Dogecoin. An upgrade will take place for the same in Dogecoin, which will give a direct effect on the price. 

“Even though it’s unlikely that these upgrades will have any direct effect on the price of DOGE in the short term, the hype alone will probably be enough to make prices pump.”

On Polygon’s matic, Guy said that two demanding things of Polygon Miden and Polygon Zero, will be introduced by the team to bring additional scaling solutions for Ethereum. And these will boost the price of matic coin.

On the Axie infinity, Host said that Ronin Network could take its utility token RON public in February of this year. And this may boost the price of all related crypto assets with Axie. 

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