Elrond Network partners with uTrust as a part of Web3 competition

To tackle the competition in the ongoing trend of Web3 in the crypto industry, Elrond network established a new partnership. 

Elrond Network crypto project is standing at 41th rank in this crypto space. This crypto project is known for its better revolutionary project in terms of increasing internet trends And also its blockchain network promises to provide 15,000tps efficiency based transactions 

As we know, the current situation of this crypto market is now moving from Metaverse to Web3 trend. And the majority of the crypto startups are now showing their clear direct and indirect relationship with the web3 initiatives. 

Because of this growing demand, Elrond Network and the trust crypto project established a partnership to bring development and innovation for Web3 based initiatives, according to the press release

Press release also noted that this partnership is not only a partnership but it is a union, where both projects will bring new crypto-based payment options to the next level with the use of resources of team talent and products of each other. 

uTrust also noted that this partnership aimed to bring our mission better by introducing better financial management tools for the people. 

The CEO of uTrust, Sanja Kon, noted that the partnership of these two leading blockchain companies will work to bring advancement to our existing system. And also we aimed to bring a better system for the Defi platforms to facilitate high scale and better payment systems.

This is clearly showing that both parties are not working to bring the use of their technology in real life for people. 

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