Coinbase adds 8 small-cap crypto assets to its custody services

Amid the crypto winter season, Coinbase seeks to support low Market cap crypto assets in its custody services.

Coinbase is a leading crypto exchange in the crypto industry, which is standing at 3rd rank, in terms of the highest global trade volume handler. The services & resources of this exchange are available in government and non-government organizations, which is itself a big reason to trust this exchange.

On 2 June, the Coinbase exchange announced that it added 8 new altcoins in its crypto Custody services, which include $VR, $CQT, $KEY, $QSP, and $MFG, $NOIA, $DEXE, and $HEGIC.

Coinbase’s crypto custody service is a crypto account system for wealthy players like institutional investors. Through this service, clients can easily store huge amounts of crypto assets without taking any tension.

Coinbase & crypto winter season

This support by Coinbase exchange for small-cap crypto assets is showing that Coinbase exchange is worried about the current situation and it is expected that it is taking all necessary steps to bring better revenue for the company.

In mid of last month, when the company reported its earning call report , many people started to raise a rumor about Coinbase Exchange. Rumors claimed that Coinbase exchange is near to bankruptcy but later Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase exchange, himself took to Twitter to respond on this matter and confirmed that there are no such things.

But at the same time, Brian claimed a problem may arise in the future because the SEC agency wants to know the system of the exchange, under which it handles crypto assets of Institutional investors under the crypto custody services. 

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