Coinbase And Messari Team Working Remotely To Avoid Coronavirus Infection


Coronavirus is spreading as common throughout the world affecting world economy, trading, international traffic.

According to the report, Coinbase is concerned about its employee health releasing companies plan after one week strongly recommending preparation for the next plan.

Brian Armstrong CEO of Coinbase tweeted on 2nd March certain crypto employees have to work from home.

Messari founder of Ryan Selkis posted the same msg after an hour company would be ” growing remote first and will be scrapping most planned travel for next couple of months”

Impact of COVID- 19 has had. In January 20 outbreaks began spreading worldwide with international traffic.
Coinbase updated plan shared by Armstrong —-
” We are starting to see the first documented instances of community transactions in the areas of out Portland and SF offices. We have seen a handful of cases in Chicago and just saw the first case in New York. We continue to see community transition in Japan.”

Coinbase suggested to its employees to minimize personal international travel. Employees prefer to work from home having a big risk to contract the virus and also Business travel is restricted to China, Hongkong, Italy Japan, and South Korea.
” working from home is not a complete solution, but it may help slow growth of infection”

Messari is on the same stand — COVID-19 affecting employees’ health and company stands for employee health to stay away from COVID-19 announced by Selkis.
A statement posted on company website Selkis is on a firm decision that crypto analytical firm would be ” first go remote indefinitely “

The unhealthy decision by U.S.government to contain the epidemic —- Messari
Is based in New York city.founder is concerned about his employees though his team is young and healthy, there must be responsible action — ” —– a temporary remote move is less about our teams well being and more about being protective part of egg solution to a much larger potential problem .”

Messari canceled it’s most business travel and of the second quarter exceptional conference to be held in Washington DC next week. Conference of Bitcoin 2020 fixed on 27-28 March in San Francisco may be at risk as well as.

Many ways corona is affecting the international economy — continuously spreading socially and economically.
The fear of coronavirus affecting the investor’s equity market in Italy dropped sharply last week.

Manufacturing quarantined cities of China having a negative impact market and international trade.
Bitcoin too on a hit in Feb dropping below $9.400.

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