Coinbase hires Facebook’s chief marketing officer

Coinbase finally hired a former marketing officer of Facebook to bring millions of users at their platform.

Coinbase is a largest crypto exchange in the U.S. This crypto exchange is famous for their services to work under the regulations and law. But in the last few days they got into a controversy where they got trolled by the users who lost their funds because of their account hack. 

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In the present time, Coinbase is expanding their services at a better level in the global countries except the countries of the U.S. because they already have a huge user base in the U.S. 

To increase Coinbase’s brand value and do better marketing globally, they hired a former Facebook’s chief marketing executive officer. 

On Thursday, through a blog post, Emilie Choi, who is a Coinbase chief operating officer, announced that they hired Rouch for the position of new chief marketing officer. 

Now Rouch will take care about all the things of marketing for Coinbase Exchange at international level. And also she will handles the products & performance of Coinbase at global level. 

Earlier this, Rouch worked at multiple positions in the Facebook company. In the very last, she was at the position of marketing officer. After 11 year of work in facebook company she is now at Coinbase exchange at the same position for the same job. 

Rouch claimed that she will help Coinbase Exchange at its best level to bring millions of customers. She stated 

“I am so inspired by what I’ve learned about crypto, and the vast ecosystem it is helping to usher forth,” said Rouch. “I can’t wait to get started helping to introduce millions more people to the benefits of crypto”

Coinbase Exchange is also planning to expand their services at a high level in India, that is why, they are planning to hire Google Pay engineering lead Pankaj Gupta. 

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