Coinbase looking for new exec to fight against policymakers

Coinbase opened new positions to hire a new legal team, which can debate easily with the regulators of the United States.

In the present time Coinbase is a leading crypto Exchange of the US and also over year by year, this exchange is expanding its services to other crypto friendly countries with full regulation. But as we know, this is a crypto company, so it will surely face new issues from time to time related to its crypto products & services. So Coinbase exchange wants to be ready.

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Right now, Coinbase has open positions for more than 350 employees. Out of 350 positions, there are 24 positions for the legal and compliance team. 

Coinbase requires expertise of the 24 positions as an expert in dealing with the matter against policymakers. And also have a strong network in Washington D.C.

So new members should have better strategy and potential to handle legal debate, strategic presence in critical policy debates, and have “excellent political judgment.

Reports Claimed that, to establish better communication and easy handling of the matters with the regulators of the US is an emergency need of the Coinbase exchange. A recent matter can be seen where Coinbase exchange failed to get responsive information from the SEC that why they will not consider the lending program as a registered securities.

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