Coinbase suffers a major outage, users unable to withdraw funds


The outage of Coinbase’s crypto services amid the surging trade price of Bitcoin acted as a big fear among Coinbase users. 

Coinbase is a top-ranked crypto exchange that is mainly known for its highly compliant Crypto services. Despite being highly compliant with financial rules, this crypto exchange has been under huge legal hurdles. In mid-2023, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Coinbase over providing unregistered securities offerings & running an unregistered national securities exchange. 

This morning, Coinbase crypto exchange reported that their services paused, because the platform faced an unknown technical issue. 

After three hours of investigation, the technical team successfully encountered & fixed the issue partially. 

Even at the time of writing this article, many Coinbase users reported on X (formerly Twitter) that they were unable to transfer their crypto assets. 

Many Crypto X users said that they’re failing to withdraw or transfer funds from the exchange. 

Coinbase (COIN) stock price action 

Following this news, the trade price of Coinbase (COIN) stock plummeted -3.51% but later recovered slightly. The current trade price of Coin stock is $199 which is only 0.7% down over the last 24 hours. 

Notably, the trade price of Coin stock has been 116% high over the last 6 months, despite the fact that the company is facing legal hurdles badly.

Coinbase vs SEC 

The whole crypto sector is aware of the legal battle between the SEC body & Coinbase exchange. Despite the SEC’s legal action, Coinbase crypto exchange has provided full crypto services, while restricting some of its crypto services in particular US States.

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