Coinbase VP of communications to leave the firm after this year

 Kim Milosevich, VP of Coinbase communication will leave Coinbase exchange from their job position to spend life with family. 

Coinbase is the largest crypto exchange in the US and also this exchange is famous for its operations under the regulatory framework of the regulators. And also this exchange is trying their best to enhance the users experience through better service and better team work. But sadly one of the members of the firm will leave this year. 

Kim Milosevich is a Coinbase VP of communication officer. She started to work in the Coinbase exchange from August 2020. But she informed that she will no longer do a job in the Coinbase firm. 

On LinkedIn, she wrote that crypto never sleeps and also crypto related workers/traders don’t sleep. This year crypto space has a huge better gain but now she will take a break.

Further she added that, right now she will focus on success and will support Emilie and Brian. And she will remain here before December i.e she will leave after the end of December. 

“For now, I’m going to focus on making sure the team is set up for success and will support Emilie and Brian as they explore next steps for comms at Coinbase. I’ll be here until December. Then it’s family and ski time,” 

Before the Coinbase exchange, she worked in the Andreessen Horowitz firm for 7 years as a marketing officer. And also she has a history of working in Yahoo and Skype. 

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