Coinroom Exchange Fled Away By Taking All Users Funds


Coinroom exchange of Cryptocurrency in Polish country suddenly stopped its all services and fled away by taking all users funds reported on 31 May 2019.

The Coinroom exchange was registered in 2016 and started its exchange website just after a year. It enables users to create their accounts and sell cryptocurrencies on their exchange platform. Coinroom also provides a service where users can exchange fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies but that service was stopped later on the second of April this year.

According to the report, there are only a few users who got a very small amount of their total funds back, and almost all the users did not get their money back. Also, there was no response received from the support of the emails sent by users to the company.

Some of the users claimed that they lost around 60,000 złoty (around $15,790) in the Coinroom exchange scam.

Now the cryptocurrency exchange index on the CoinMarketCap website showing that Coinroom Exchange has terminated its activities, and the company’s Twitter account looking like deleted or removed.

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