Commodities and crypto exchange Uphold will support Shiba inu

Crypto exchange Uphold will list Dogecoin’s rival Shiba inu meme token.

Shiba inu token is a popular crypto asset of the crypto industry in the category of meme coins list. Besides its popularity, this coin has better support in the crypto industry by multiple pro-level crypto exchanges. 

Uphold is a crypto exchange, which also provides commodities trading. In statements with a crypto news website, Uphold confirmed that it will list the Shiba inu coin in the mid of January. 

The reason behind the listing of Shiba is a part of the increasing popularity of this coin in the crypto industry. Besides the listing of Shib inu meme coins, the exchange will also list CVX tokens and Spell tokens. 

All these three crypto-assets listings will go under the tier 3 listing, which will allow users to buy, sell, deposit and withdraw the assets. 

Shiba is moving from meme to non-meme 

However, the origin of Shiba inu is a meme token-based concept, which has no actual use case. But besides all these things, the Shiba inu crypto project team is working to make the Shiba inu token much better like flagship assets. 

During a Q&A on discord, a Developer of the Shiba inu project team said that they will launch a separate network of Shiba inu. However, he didn’t elaborate much about it. But reports confirmed that he was talking about the Shibarium solution. 

Shibarium is a layer2 scaling solution idea of the Shiba inu team. In the Shibarium network, they will adopt the BONE token as a native token. 

Right now, ShibaSwap’s Decentralized exchange is giving rewards in Bone tokens for the Shiba token holders on the exchange. These things are clearly showing that, the crypto project team is ready to do something big besides the tag of Meme coin.

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